A little bit about Sell My Motorbike and why selling your motorbike to us is easy...

Celebrating 30 years buying and selling bikes

We are Sell My Motorbike. We are a small team of bike enthusiasts that makes buying and selling your motorbike a personal experience. We’ve been buying motorbikes for 30 years from all over the UK from our base in Leeds, Harrogate and Ilkley.

We understand motorbikes and the people who ride them. Whether it’s a motorbike you just have bought or one you’ve had many years, we are give you a fair price and the market rate.

At Sell My Motorbike we have a no haggle and no hassle policy

The price we agree on is the price we pay. If your description is accurate then we don’t haggle on your driveway.

At the Motorbike Factory encourage we you to ring us to discuss your bike or any aspect of the process. Remember we’re bike enthusiasts and a great service is what we are about when it comes to selling your bike to us.

Call us on 07836 388488, we’re here to help!

Why sell your bike to us?

Buying your motorbike is something we’re good at, why because we love bikes. We want to make selling your motorbike a simple and easy experience.

See what our customers say...

I work away, so it was important it happened when we organised it. Money paid and bike collected all at the same time with no hassle. What a great service.

Mr Ananicz from Maidstone

The thing I liked about the team at Sell My Motorbike is that they are bike enthusiasts and all know their stuff. They gave a great cash price for my bike and it meant I could go buy a new bike at a better price. The website is easy to use and make the process of selling your bike easy and simple.

Daniel B. from Ilkley

Using Sell My Motorbike to sell my bike was so easy, I got a call in half an hour and agreed a sale. Got a better price than I would have at my local dealer and the money was paid straight into my account, will use Sell My Motorbike anytime to sell a bike.

John P. from Devon